Our company is your number one source for professional service. We surpass the competition, in not only price but value as well.
For over 25 years we have been in the log home industry in sales and Finish, and for the past 12 years mainly in the shell crafting and design. We have personally worked on over 160 Custom Hand-Crafted Log Homes and Cabins.We have built literally hundreds of beautiful log homes in the four major categories milled, chinked, timber framed and what we think is the biggest, best, most romantic, and most valuable log home of all, the "Scandinavian Style Hand Crafted log home".These homes are built from dead standing dry trees, hand crafted to fit air tight, then regulated and adjusted to settle as one unit, resulting the most desire product of them all.
Handcrafted homes have traditionally been out of the budget reach of the majority of log home lovers, because historically the labor to accomplish the crafting, and shipping costs from far areas as well as raw log prices set the price of the home beyond most buyer's  capabilities- even though they are considered, by fans the most beautiful and rustic, The happy truth is a clear exception to the rule, because of the runaway building inflation and workman costs, here on the Wasatch front, and many other states in the west, the labor to construct just a Milled log home has more than tripled in just the last decade.   Our handcrafted log shells are built in central Utah where lower log prices and more reasonable labor can still be obtained. Then disassembled and shipped to your building site, then re-assembled in three days or less in most cases.  
When compared to hundreds of hours, which can result in an undeniable savings of thousands upon thousands of labor dollars.
How long this unusual and fortunate opportunity will remain a reality is anyone's guess.However, today, here in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, the best log home that money can buy has affordable built-in savings for you, the buyer, which makes it by far the best buy. Visit our model home and office at 3480 east Canyon Rd. in Spanish fork Utah. just in the mouth of the canyon to price. There you can learn more about why a handcrafted log home is not just another wood house.
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